Depop Users Activate Your Listings on Faasian


My name is Madiha

I am working for a company that has launched an awesome brand new app for Asian fashion!

The app is called: Faasian

Pre-loved suits at prices you will never stop loving!

It’s very similar to Depop - people buy and sell their new and used clothing. The difference being that all the items are Asian clothing. That way you don't have to search - it’s all there for you. And your ads will get a better response too.

We have done all the boring work for you and already added your current Depop listing(s) to Faasian. Your listing(s) are visible, but people won't be able to buy or contact you until you activate your account. Login to the website and update your details. To do this just click on LOGIN from the top right-hand corner of any page on the website

Your temporary email ID is: [depop_username]

And your password is: “password”

After login you should update to your real email address and a new password.

Once you have logged in and updated email and password you can then download the mobile app and start receiving messages from other users interested in buying your item(s). In terms of seller charges we are the same as Depop.

So what are you waiting for?

Head off to, your listings are already there waiting for you to activate them! Once you have logged in then download the app!




Email me if you have any questions or problems Just a parting thought, ladies....

Money sense is not a man-thing, we were just waiting for Faasian :)

Bye for now

Madiha x

P.S. if you want your products available for "Instant Buy" then you will need to add your PayPal address to each of your listings. You can do this by selecting your profile either from the top right-hand corner of a webpage or the bottom right of the mobile app.

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