Returning an Item

Returning an item

If your item was damaged in transit or is significantly not as described, you can return it and get a refund. If the item doesn’t fit you or you don’t like it, you can only return it if your seller accepts it. 


You must return the item in the same condition in which you received it, i.e. you cannot wash or use it.

Start a return 

If the item you’ve received was damaged in transit or significantly differs from the description, here are the steps to take:

  1. In the conversation thread with your seller, press I have an issue within 2 days of the item’s delivery. After you’ve done this, we’ll be able to keep your payment on hold until you reach an agreement with the seller. Otherwise, the payment will be automatically released to the seller, and the refund through Faasian will be impossible.
  2. Provide the seller with the evidence to show them that the item has arrived damaged in transit or is a significant mismatch from the description. The evidence can be photos with any of the following: 
    • The item with the damaged part(s) visible
    • The item’s packaging showing its damaged part(s)
    • The item’s part(s) that do not match the item description 
  3. Look for a solution with the seller. Discuss the options of the refund and return shipping of the item:
    • The seller can ask you to send the item back and refund you the payment 
    • You also have the option to keep the item and complete the order

Then, based on your discussion with the seller, continue with one of the scenarios described below.

Reached an agreement with the seller? 

  • If you agreed on the refund

Please arrange the return of the item directly with the seller. As soon as the seller receives a valid tracking number of the return package from you, they can cancel the order and refund you by pressing the Resolve the issue button followed by Proceed & Refund in the conversation thread. Make sure you share the parcel’s tracking number with the seller. We strongly advise them to wait until they receive at least this proof before proceeding with the refund.

  • If you agreed that you (the buyer) would keep the item

Press Resolve this issue and then Confirm in your conversation thread with the seller, and we’ll release the payment to them.

Can’t agree on the refund with the seller?

Ask us to step in

If you need a hand in solving the issue, reach out to us:

  1. Press the (i) icon at the top right corner of your conversation screen
  2. Select Help
  3. Press Get help on one of the FAQ screens and write us by describing your issue 

We'll then look into the case to make the final decision. 

Next steps to take

If we have confirmed the return of the item, please do the following: 

  1. Ship the item to the seller within 5 days using a shipping method that can be tracked
  2. Send us a valid tracking number of the parcel 

Unless there’s a special case, we’ll sort out the refund for you as soon as you share the parcel’s tracking number with us.


If you miss the 5-day deadline or if we cannot offer you a refund, we’ll complete the order and release the payment to the seller.

If the item you bought is not your style or doesn’t fit you

Unfortunately, in this situation you cannot claim a refund unless the seller agrees to accept the return after you contact them privately. If this is the case, you’ll need to agree on the return conditions with them. 

You can also upload the item to your own Faasian wardrobe and sell it there.

Return fees

Unless you agreed otherwise with your seller, typically you’ll need to cover return postage expenses. Currently, we don’t issue any return labels.

Please note

In some cases, when there are strong indications that the item that you received is a counterfeit, you may not have to send it back to the seller. In this situation, we may ask you to cooperate with us - one way of cooperation could be destroying the item.


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